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For your next project that needs a durable concrete surface, call upon D.A.Smith Concrete LLC.
We are your leading concrete contractors in Wildwood, FL.

Concrete Services

Make your patio area look great with concrete services from D.A.Smith Concrete LLC. Whether refinishing your old patio or having a new one built, give us a call at (877) 755-4121.

Concrete Driveways and Walkways

Nothing shows off your property like beautiful concrete driveways  or concrete walkways leading to your front door or garage. Contact the leaders in the industry in Wildwood, Florida.

Bases and Supports

The pre-construction foundation of any project is one of the essential elements. It provides a stable platform that is put in place to act as a footing for the structure. A concrete base is ideally the starting point for your development, whether it’s a house or a commercial development. Also, concrete supports provide a tremendous amount of strength and rigidity that far outstrips their size. They can be shaped into a range of dimensions that meet your building needs while offering a robust pillar that delivers long-lasting service.

Custom Slabs

When you’re building a new structure, such as a garage or backyard workshop, you will need a stable platform for it. In most cases, that will be a slab. We can help as our custom concrete service will pour a pad made in the shape and size you need. Relying on the team at D.A. Smith Concrete LLC for concrete work will give you peace of mind that the base of your project will be perfectly level and durable. We can put down a custom slab for something as small as a hot tub or as large as a convenience store. Whatever you have in mind, we are ready to help.

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When you need concrete work done, trust the job to the professional concrete contractors. Contact D.A.Smith Concrete LLC, in Wildwood, Florida, for a quality job at a reasonable price.

At D.A.Smith Concrete LLC, we offer fast and friendly services, combined with our excellent customer service.

We understand how busy you are. With that in mind, once we have your vision for your job, we get right at it, making sure there is no time wasted. Since 1985 we have been completing jobs in a timely manner, and we'll do the same for you.

When you need Driveway, Sidewalk & Slab repairs, Concrete Drilling and Cutting, trust the job to the professional concrete contractors. Contact D.A.Smith Concrete LLC, in Wildwood, FL.

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